About Our Collection

Lead by architect Camille M. Colon, CUBE Architects present a whimsical curated home collection that ignites memorable conversations and redefines the art of entertaining.

As the pandemic hit the world, our places became intimate cocoons for the sake of protecting our health and wellbeing. Today, this collection aims to transform our sacred spaces into welcoming homes so that we share them with our friends, family and loved ones. 

Each space becomes a blank slate offering the opportunity to showcase these statement pieces purposely designed. Twisting the design of ordinary objects, we aim to bring an elegant flare and refinement to each home, without exhaustive effort. 

 Engulfed by the five senses, our team understands firsthand, any experience in any space is deeply and positively affected by sounds, scents, décor and taste. By providing products created intentionally for each sense, we actively promote social interaction and enjoyment of our guests, creating unforgettable moments along the way as a result.